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The NSS is Defending the Dignity of Armenia’s Former and NK’s Current Officials 

The National Security Service (NSS) of Armenia has released a statement by which it informs that an investigation is underway regarding 3 Facebook users with real or fake profiles that between November 2019 and February 2020 publically (on their social media platforms) degraded national dignity and made calls for terroristic acts. They preached commission of acts accompanied by violence against former and current political and public figures and social groups, which poses a real threat of being implemented, according to NSS.

The NSS interprets the army and the Armenian language as “absolute values of the Armenian people” that need to be protected from degrading statements and other forms of expressions allegedly made by these users. By conducting investigation, the NSS intends to also defend the honor and dignity of the 1st and 2nd presidents of Armenia, the authorities of Armenia, high officials of NK that were demeaned by means of degrading caricatures. This specific law enforcement body is not referring to the exact articles of the Criminal Code, on the basis of which investigation files have opened, however it assures that the criminal acts will be exposed and potential threats will be liquidated. 

In the meanwhile, Robert Kocharyan’s son, Levon Kocharyan, welcomed the NSS on his Facebook page for the rapid response to his earlier appeal where he exposed one of the Facebook users and their caricatures featuring Robert Kocharyan, Bako Sahakyan and Vitaly Balasanyan of NK. Underneath Levon Kocharyan’s post, there are numerous calls for beheading, shooting and other acts of violence made by other users regarding the authors of the caricatures and posts.