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Armenia in a State of Exception until April 14 

The government of Armenia, followed by the parliament have moved to declare a state of exception (emergency) in all of the country given the pandemics of the new coronavirus all over the world and the need to contain its rapid spreading․ 

The state of exception will be coordinated by a special task force headed by deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan, otherwise called commandant of the state of exception․ Sweeping restrictions will be applied all over Armenia.

The land exit of citizens of Armenia from the territory of the country is banned. Cargo transportation will be allowed both for land and air. A special regime will be applied for this remaining transport, including the air travel of citizens of Armenia, as well as diplomats from countries recognized by the Ministry of Health as a risk zone. Travel will be banned from countries in the list of risk zone. Passenger and cargo transportation is already banned with Iran, with the remaining cargo transit being through the border with Georgia.

The commandant is authorized to make further restrictions within the country, including declaring special regimes of entry and exit in cities and communities; isolation of individuals; quarantining of people if suspected of infection; examination of vehicles, bans on vehicle movement, restriction of the operation of restaurants and public areas alike.

Also, gatherings exceeding 20 persons are banned, including protests and strikes. Citizens are banned to hold personal celebrations exceeding 20 persons such as birthdays, weddings and even funerals. 

All events in relation to holding a referendum on April 5 are postponed as referenda cannot be held in times of state of exception.

Restaurants, cultural and entertainment institutions, shopping malls will be closed. Major malls are already shut down in Yerevan. 

Educational institutions, including preschool kindergartens will remain shut.

Visits and shipment of boxes from relatives are banned in prisons, the army, social institutions for elderly and child care. 

Freedom of speech will be restricted in relation to news on the coronavirus situation. Information contradicting the official information on the coronavirus will not be allowed to be published. 

The government has also decided to make private property with capacities for medical aid available to its use during the time of the state of exception, this includes spaces with hospital beds, medications, special uniforms. The government will reimburse later, clarified Deputy Prime Minister Avinyan.