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The Place to Confront the Past is Turkey’s Parliament

Oppositional parliamentarian of Armenian descent in Turkey, Garo Paylan of People’s Democratic Party’s (HDP) said in an interview to “Evrensel” Turkish outlet that the only place to confront the events of the past is the Parliament. He spoke in relation to the 105th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and contended that adoption of resolutions in Parliaments of various nations “does not heal our wounds.” “It is necessary that the Parliament of this country discuss the issue. The Armenians spread all around the World must be able to find justice exactly in Turkey’s Parliament,” said Paylan.

Paylan reminded that the Genocide of the Armenian nation took place in the territory of Turkey, the Armenian nation and its cultural assets were annihilated exactly in those lands and for 105 years the past was not confronted with.

Denialism only amplifies the risk of repetition of such crimes. That same destructive policy is applied against the Kurdish people nowadays. Paylan mentioned that Turkish President Rejep Tayib Erdogan has been releasing statements of condolences on April 24th since 2013, however he never spoke about the Genocide and the criminals of the Genocide. “By sending condolences, 105 years later he is continuing those same repressions. Politicians and journalists should not be in prisons.”

Paylan also said that he intends to propose the Turkish Parliament to organize hearings on the 105th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, “to face the Armenian Genocide and give a fair name to what happened.”