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Kocharyan Released on Bail

The Court of Appeals, chaired by Arsen Nikoghosyan has satisfied the appeal brought by Armenia’s second President Robert Kocharyan’s lawyers against the decision of first instance judge Anna Danibekyan to reject Kocharyan’s release from prison on bail.

Kocharyan will be released for 2 billion AMD (4.2 million USD). The motion to release him was based on the personal guarantees pledged by former Prime Ministers of Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh.

Kocharyan was released from custody for the second time. First he was released in May 2019 by the decision of first instance court Judge Davit Grigoryan. This decision was appealed by the prosecutor’s office and the appeal was satisfied.

Kocharyan is indicted over the March 1 case for toppling the constitutional order in 2008. He is also accused of receiving a significantly large bribe in the amount of 3mln USD. He was arrested on December 7 2018, released on May 18 2019, and re-arrested on June 25, 2019.

Kocharyan was transferred to Ismirlyan private hospital in May 2020 for medical reasons and the judge made a decision he would not return to prison custody before the end of COVID-19 pandemic.