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Armenian Diaspora in Ukraine Supports Ukraine’s Territorial Integrity

The Union of Armenians in Ukraine (UAU), the leading civic organization representing the Armenian diaspora in the country, essentially disagreed with official Yerevan's position on recent events when it issued a statement on March 28, calling for the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine's existing borders. 

"The Union of Armenians in Ukraine is a non-governmental organization that operates on the basis of Ukrainian legislation. In this regard, we are not authorized to comment on the conversation between the presidents of Armenia and Russia. Our position toward the political situation in the country and the actions carried out in the territory of Ukraine, in particular, Crimea, remains unchanged," reads the statement, in part. 

The UAU adds that Ukraine's Armenians are deeply concerned about the deteriorating situation in the country and call for peaceful solutions to existing problems — on the basis of "strict compliance" with state laws and international legal instruments. 

"We along with the Ukrainian people mourn the death of the victims of the events in the country, among which are two representatives of the Armenian people. We continue to support the Ukrainian people, without separating ourselves from ethnic Ukrainians and all other peoples living in Ukraine," concludes the statement. 

Earlier, Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs had said that the country takes into consideration the fact that millions of Armenians and Belarusians don't support the position of the leaders of their countries.

Recall, on March 27, Armenia voted against the UN resolution on recognizing Ukraine's territorial integrity, which doesn't accept the results of the referendum in Crimea.