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Armenia’s Heritage Party Opposed to Armenia Joining Eurasian Economic Union

The Heritage Party condemns the efforts of the Armenian authorities for the country to join the Eurasian Economic Union, reads a statement issued by the opposition political party today.

"We believe that the unacceptable and not in Armenia's national interests foreign and domestic policies of [Armenian President] Serzh Sargsyan aim to prolong his personal power acquired through rigged elections and are a blow to the independence and security of the two Armenian statehoods.

"The precondition voiced by Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev during the Eurasian Economic Union's founding ceremony in Astana on May 29, which referred to accepting Armenia without Artsakh in that union and which clearly was in accord with [Belarus President] Alexander Lukashenko and [Russia President] Vladimir Putin, demonstrated to all that Armenia has nothing to do in this union. 

"Though the EaEU is formed to protect the interests of its members, it is not preparing to protect Armenia's national interests: on the contrary, it already protects the interests of Azerbaijan — which has expressed no intention to join the union, is not a member of the CSTO, and is at war with our country. 

"The disrespectful attitude toward Armenia in the EaEU gives reason to believe that Armenia is viewed in this union not as a equal partner, but as an instrument — to influence Azerbaijan. 

"The Heritage Party, thus,

– demands the de facto president of the Republic of Armenia [RA] to immediately abandon the process of joining the Customs Union and the Eurasian Economic Union;

– urges RA political parties to express an official position on the dangerous process of Armenia joining the EaEU, as well as in light of the realities that emerged in Astana on May 29; and

– urges Armenia's robust forces to seek united ways to resist the challenges that threaten the sovereignty and security of Armenia and Artsakh," reads the statement.