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Armenia in Flames

The Ministry of Emergency Situations reports that firefighting operations have resumed in Gomk village of Vayots Dzor, where around 40ha of grasslands are on fire.

The fire broke on August 25 in Gomk’s Daraqyand area. Firefighting was interrupted several times due to the complexity of the terrain and darkness. The flames continue expanding.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations reports that the fire of August 20th on the slopes of Ara Mountain in Kotayk marz has finally been put down. Here, around 150ha of land has been on fire.

A few other fires broke out on August 26th at the start of Tsav Village and Shikahogh forests. Here, the fire has not yet been extinguished.

The fire on the road to Khosrov forest state reserve in an area called “Meghraqar” has been put down. The flames had taken up 17 ha of land with vegetation.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations reports a statistics that between August 19 and 25, 591 cases of fires were reported, while between August 12 and 18 – 414 cases.

The fires of the last 2 weeks have resulted in 1 casualty, with 13 individuals injured.

In response to Epress.am, the Ministry of Emergency Situations stated that in the past 2 weeks over 3500 ha of land were on fire.

The reasons of these fires, as reported by the Ministry, are manmade. No fires were recorded by thunders, while increase of temperature is not a source of fire in itself, however a favorable factor.