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Key March 1 Attorney, Seda Safaryan’s Family Assaulted

Seda Safaryan, attorney and key representative of March 1 state violence victims reports that her daughter’s entire family was assaulted last night, the morning of April 25. Political analyst, former MP Styopa Safaryan, Seda Safaryan’s brother, claims that this is a no case of unorderly men misbehaving and fist fighting. “Late at night, a group of men started shouting swearwords in Mush district. Seda’s daughter’s husband went out to find out what was going on, there were women too. These men assaulted him, started beating, they were hitting at Seda’s daughter, her mother- and father-in-law, sister, other elderly people, neighbors that were out to stop the assault. The men beat them all and left.” The police were called, however, as reported by the police, “they were mislead and did not come to the sight, as one of the neighbors, a policeman himself, called the police and told them there was no reason to come,” adds Styopa Safaryan.

Seda Safaryan’s assaulted family is in hospital undergoing examinations. She claims that it will be very easy for the police to find out the assailants.

There is a public outcry over this incident in social media. Many people believe that this was a provocation by forces attempting to sabotage the March 1 litigation. “My Step” MP Gayane Abrahamyan wrote on her Facebook page: “I just called and talked with Head of Police Mr. Sargsyan, the details of the incident are under investigation and the key assailants identified. If this is just a fight (which I doubt), those responsible will be punished, if this assault and provocation has a political motivation, then those who ordered it and the entire criminal chain must be identified, this gang intimidating judges and attorneys must face strictest liability.”

Styopa Safaryan also disclosed a list of physical assaults on him in the past 2-3 years, events when cars serving him and Seda Safaryan were found with mysterious and potentially deadly malfunctions, numerous hacks of his Facebook profile, as well as the website and social media account of his analytical center. He believes all of this has political motivations. Styopa Safaryan’s Facebook profile was falsely reported recently and discontinued by Facebook.