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Government Urgently Disburses 25mln AMD for Tavush Rehabilitation   

At a Cabinet meeting on July 23, Armenia’s Government has decided to revisit the state budget for 2020 and make relevant reallocations in order to provide finances to Tavush Marzpetaran. The draft decision contains an explanation that the bordering communities of Tavush that fell under shelling during the recent military escalation between Armenia and Azerbaijan have sustained damages worth around 150mln AMD. 

An urgent fund will be disbursed to Tavush Marzpetaran in the amount of 25mln AMD. Inventory of damages is still ongoing, however this amount will be spent on most urgent needs, including urgent rehabilitation of properties on bordering communities and their residents.

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan informed that the Cabinet agrees over the need to adopt a special development strategy for bordering communities.

“We need to change the logic, the border-keeping villages will not only be rehabilitated, but we must have a specific strategy for the development of these villages. Border-keeping villages is not where Armenia ends, they are where Armenia begins,” said Pashinyan.

“We will consistently and continually advance this policy. Today, we are starting from a small amount, we provide 25mln AMD to start this work in these villages,” added Pashinyan.