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The Morning of July 17 Relatively Calm: MoD

Armenia’s Ministry of Defense reports that the night was relatively calm on the line of contact of Armenian and Azerbaijani armed forces, although the “adversary various types of firearms.”

The Ministry reports that the Armenian Armed Forces fully control the entire line of contact. The ministry has also released a statement regarding a fake statement made on its behalf that the situation on the border is tense, the Armenian side has many losses. The Ministry denounces this statement.

Since early morning, the Ministry receives alarms on social media, that people are receiving panic-generating short messages from the Ministry of Defense. The Ministry of Defense informs that they were not generated by the Ministry. “This is yet another fake propaganda waged by the adversary.”

The military situation on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan in Tavush region has escalated since June 12. The two sides blame each other for violating the ceasefire and generating a military escalation. Since July 13, civilian settlements on both sides have been under fire. The weapons used include artillery, mortars, drones. 

After the relative calm on July 15, Armenia’s Ministry of Defense reported on July 16 that heavy combat was carried out on the morning of July 16. The special units of the Azerbaijani army, a total of 100 armed men, attempted an offensive to take the post called “Fearless” and started firing on Aygepar and Movses villages, including from heavy artillery. 

Since the military escalation, Armenia’s Ministry of Defense has reported of 4 military casualties and dozens of injured soldiers and one civilian resident. 

Armenia’s Investigative Committee reports of a total of 36 injured military servicemen, 20 of which have been hospitalized for treatment. 16 of the soldiers received minor injuries, mostly scratches. 

Azerbaijan has confirmed of 12 military casualties and 1 civilian death.